Apply your own makeup for your day? Or hire a professional? You decide...

The advantage of hiring a professional makeup artist means you have access to celebrity-level techniques so that your makeup looks perfect from the beginning of the day to the very end. We use all professional top of the line cosmetics, a combination of airbrush makeup and traditional makeup, that is lighter than regular makeup. Also used are products that are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and water resistant for humidity, sweat, tears, etc all to make sure that your makeup looks freshly-applied all day. False eyelash are applied to give you that beautiful density in person, and so that photos in which you're looking down at your flowers, your ring or at your new husband, come out beautifully. In addition to the professional cosmetics, it's also a matter of the perfect

Why get your makeup professionally applied? A professional will make you look flawless both in the pictures and in real life. A bride wants to look like herself, only better. Thats what a professional makeup artist can do.

shading. While your everyday makeup look is pretty, you may not know the exact shades or have the right products to make the most of your skin tone, the color of your eyes, and the color of your hair. Many brides say that their makeup artists transformed them from looking pale and washed-out in their dramatic white wedding gowns to looking glamorous and gorgeous, celebrity-style with a fresh, young finish. Even if your gown will have some color in it, your makeup will need to make you stand out in that dress and make you feel radiant.


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