We carry the full line of Skin Script Rx and Face Reality in our spa. If we happen to be out of a product, we can order it and ship it straight to your home, which normally arrives to you within 1-2 days! We also have an online store! So place your order today and we'll ship it directly to you! Typically will arrive to you in 1-2 days (if you are local in AZ). We also exclusively use Skin Script Rx and Face Reality in our treatment rooms for all of our skin care treatments.

Skin Script is a clinical, professional skin care line containing retinols, glycolics, lactics, salicylics & natural lighteners brighteners allowing custom treatment for any skin type. Face Reality is an acne clearing skin care line that has a 90% success rate when used consistently and with the proper recommendations from the certified Acne Specialists here at Beauty Kouture.

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