Laundry Room Makeover

Anyone else wish their laundry room was bigger? When we moved into this house our laundry room was dramatically smaller than what we were used to - so I had to find ways in order to make it work... basically in order to make my laundry easier and more manageable.

With three kids, three dogs and two adults at home - the laundry adds up very quickly. On laundry days it would be strung up & down the hallway in different piles or in different laundry hampers...some clean, some dirty... Making it annoying & confusing on what was up next to wash or to fold & put away. I also learned over the years that if something isn't easily accessible to me or a pain to get to-I wouldn't use it no matter what. I don't like doing laundry - I don't mind the act of washing and drying it but the hanging, folding and putting it all away - I HATE. So anything that gives me an excuse not to do it - wins the battle very easily.

I use a lot of different things in my laundry process... I have a baby (toddler now) but I still use baby detergent on her clothes - for one thing I LOVE THE SMELL OF IT. It will forever remind me of the smell of new babies so I'm honestly not ready for that to go away yet. I use Oxiclean to boost detergents because it makes the stain removal process so much better. Tide-that's my detergent for the other kids, adults, linens, etc Unstoppables - love these for the smell. I use tide powder and it does not have a very potent smell after the laundry has been washed and dried so I use the unstoppables to give that fresh, clean laundry smell. Vinegar- I use this whenever something is new... Vinegar makes Fabrics hold in their colors so they do not bleed on each other. Bleach - I bleach work linens & towels (for obvious sanitation reasons) Spray & Wash- I spray stains before they go in the wash, this product has always worked for me Dawn- I use Dawn dish soap in my laundry when I have a greasy stain that I cannot lift, like spaghetti sauce or hot wing sauce... Typically my process is to spray it with spray n wash, sprinkle a little OxiClean on it and then top it with a few squirts of Dawn and let it sit for a few hours before going in the wash. Baking Soda - I use this to get the bad smells out of fabrics... So if I am washing any of the dog blankets from their kennels, or when my husband use to smoke - I use to wash his clothes with baking soda as a booster to the tide in order to get the smoke smell out of his clothes. For the makeover: I decided I no longer wanted a bunch of different boxes or containers... at least for the powders in the laundry room. Because I use the tide powder detergent I needed a very large container, I knew the container that I wanted to have had to be easily accessible and open easily with one hand, (since I often am holding a toddler while doing the laundry and only have one arm for use). I knew the containers could not have any sort of silicone or Rubber seal because that would make it so that I needed two hands in order to open.

Lots of searching later, I found these glass jar containers and absolutely fell in love. The two large ones that are holding baking soda and Tide powder detergent are 2-gallon size and I got these at The Container Store

The two smaller glass jar containers are the 1 gallon size and these also came from The Container Store

The plastic Scoops inside of all four of these jars are from The Container Store. For the larger jars I went with the 2.6oz scoop and did the smaller jars I went with the 1.1oz clear scoops.

I also keep various things and the laundry room as far as the extra mop heads, the steam cleaner accessory parts and cleaning microfiber towels and sponges. I decided to put all these items in stackable drawers along with the dryer sheets. These stackable drawers came from Target.

On one of my shelves there is a shelf liner and I got that at The Container Store... This liner makes the Shelf 'solid' so that if you have little things they don't fall through the wire shelf.

The four white hampers came from The Container Store basket

I chose these white hampers not only because they fit in the space I needed them to but also they have handles and they stack. So if I am taking a few loads into another room to fold and put away I don't have to make more than one trip... Remember how I said I like to make my life easier when it comes time to for laundry? This was one of those things that made my life easier - only making one trip from the laundry room with multiple loads in my hand. If I had it my way and we have more space I honestly would have more than the 4 hampers, but I have made it work with the 4. Throughout the week when we use towels in the kitchen they often are dirty and wet and or greasy and or have food on them... I do not want those kitchen towels going in any of my laundry hampers with my clothes because like I just said they have grease or food or they are wet... So a lot of times one of these hampers has kitchen towels in them that adds up throughout the week and makes a load for the end of the week with our regular bathroom towels. The other 3 hampers I use to sort laundry on laundry day - so I always know what load is up next to go in the washer.

I decided to hang our iron on the wall, it was sitting on the shelf and taking up space... the cord would always fall down get stuck on something and it was just bothersome. I bought the wall iron holder on Amazon.

The wire shelving unit was purchased at Target I love this unit because you can put the shelves anywhere you want them so I was able to measure where the hampers would sit and adjust the shelves accordingly... I also had to do this when I was putting the stackable drawers on the shelves in order to make it all fit properly.

I reorganized the cabinets above the washer & dryer.. Making certain items more in my reach for convenience.

I cannot express into words how obsessed I am with our washer/dryer set! We have had them 3 years now. They have every cycle/setting and aere big enough for anything I ever need to wash/dry- including King size comforters! (YAY!!)

My washer is Maytag Commercial Technology - 5.3 Cu. Ft. 11-Cycle High-Efficiency Top-Loading Washer - Metallic Slate My dryer is Maytag Commercial Technology 9.2 Cu. Ft. 10-Cycle Electric Dryer with Steam - Metallic Slate

And that's the laundry room makeover during COVID-19 quarantine. I'm obsessed with it!!

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