Lash Removal

The safest way (both for your natural lashes and your eyes themselves) to remove your eyelash extensions is to have them removed by a professional. In most cases, extensions are adhered using a surgical-grade glue, which isn't something a novice should mess around with. It's also very easy to spread bacteria into the eye area, which a lash artist can fairly easily avoid (they have hundreds of hours of training-at least they should🙄, not to mention the proper equipment/tools/products)

We use a cream remover and it is the best and the safest way to remove lash extensions. The cream-type lash glue remover is used to remove the entire set of eyelash extensions. The thick cream-like consistency remover is easy to apply and sits on the lashes very well without running into eyes or skin.

We apply pads to use as a protective barrier so we don't get remover on your skin under your eyes during this process. Next, we apply the remover and wait 10-15min before we wipe away the lashes (you can also use tweezers to gently pull them off, no pulling hard though-this will cause damage to your natural lashes!)Lastly, we remove pads and cleanse the lashes.

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