Do you do GEL nails?!?!?!?

Hello world! It has been a while since I blogged!! I fell off the wagon for a bit! Haha. The truth is I've been a little busy lately. I planned an amazingly beautiful wedding, got married, adopted 2 new gorgeous puppies, and opened a salon/spa!! Am I crazy!? Yes!! I love to be busy. My brain never stops looking for the next goal to reach. I'm just wired that way I guess.

Anyway...back to this blog... I get asked this question so MUCH! You know, when I first starting doing gel nails back in 2004 they weren't 'popular', the 'in thing,, 'what everyone wanted', etc. I started doing them because my mom developed an allergy to acrylic products. So, I went and received training to do gel nails and started doing them on her, then I quickly realized how beautiful they are!! So I started doing them on myself... well then before I knew it in less than a year every single one of my clients saw my nails, loved them and made the switch to gels... and no one has looked back since. In 2010 CND released a product called Shellac (a uv drying polish) and then another professional product line released a product called gel polish ( a hybrid of gel & polish) well this industry hasn't been the same since! LOL. Now everyone is so confused about what gels are or are not....and honestly I can't blame them!!!! So many salons say they do gels and clients walk out with gel polish or shellac. Hopefully this blog helps a little bit ;-) Enjoy!

Do you do Gels?

Now that is a loaded question these days!! Yes I do Gel Nails!! In fact, that is my specialty. The brand of gel I use is Gelousy Gel Nail Systems. It is the best artificial gel on the far! I've tried so many I've lost count at this point. This gel I talk about is true Gel Nails, no glue, bonding agent, etc. This gel is an artificial nail product, it will add strength, length and thickness (Similar to Acrylics).

I also offer Gel Polish (which is a immensely growing product currently) ...That comes in a variety of brand names and I use a few of them including but not limited to: Gelish, OrlyGelFX, IBD Gel Polish, Essie, OPI Gel Color, Professional GELeration, and more! Gel Polish is probably something you have heard when people say "Gel Manicure" Gel Polish is an overlay product, it does NOT give you length or strength. It is a hybrid of gel and polish, it has the staying power of gel but the consistency of a polish. Gel polishes have the ability to stay on for up to 3 that does vary from person to person.

I also offer Shellac. Yes, I know exactly what you are thinking :"Isn't that the same as Gel Polish"? NO, NO, NO, NO!!! It most certainly is NOT the same. Shellac was the first colored polish that cured with a UV light to hit the market, and that was in March 2010, it quickly grew in popularity!! Shellac is manufactured by CND (Creative Nail Design) ... a professional brand of nail products. The bottles actually say Shellac on them. The bottle also says 'Power Polish' ... Shellac is a polish that cures under a UV light... it has NO GEL IN IT, AT ALL. Shellac is the perfect alternative to clients who are allergic to artificial products like Gel and/or Acrylic. Shellac has NO artificial products in it, what makes it cure under a UV light is the UV curing agent within it, not gel. (That is what is so confusing) I LOVE offering Shellac because I have had so many clients come to me for regular polish manicures and tell me they developed an allergic reaction to an artificial product (Gel or Acrylic) and that they an only wear regular polish and then I introduce them to Shellac and they fall in love!!! that question has been answered! Yes, I do gel nails....but I also do Shellac and gel polish! Which would you like to make an appointment for?!


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