15 Beauty Rules To Break!

We all tend to unconsciously live by a self-taught set of rules, buying new products that fit the bill and staying within our comfort zones. Unfortunately, that can get a little boring, especially because today’s makeup is all about freedom, experimentation and finding what works for you. Keeping that in mind, I didn't want to give you the same over-covered, outdated “redheads can wear red lipstick” advice that you've seen before.

Beauty waits for no man’s rules, so here are 15 beauty rules to break:

1.Brown eye shadow is just for the blue-eyed: While brown shadow does bring out aqua irises, olive browns flecked with gold look great on pretty much everyone. I love using browns for bridal parties, it is classic and will look great in pictures for years to come vs what was in 'style' at the time of the wedding.

You will have to visit my blog to see the rest of the rules to break!! Enjoy!!!


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