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I always have people asking me how I choose my beauty products. So here's the answer: I DO LOTS OF RESEARCH! If you know me, you know that it is very difficult for me to make quick matter what the subject is. What I do is when I hear about a new product (or even an old product that was release a year or more ago that I just don't have yet) is I get Google and I type in the product name and reviews... and of course A LOT of sites with reviews pop up. I just read a few and make a decision from there. Now It's easy for me to do research and put my list together and then place my order online or via phone (where I get my pro discounts) and that is exactly what I purchase...what is on my list. However, there are times where I say "Forget that pro discount, I want to go to Sephora and see the products and touch them and shop for beauty products!!" Of course that ends in a splurge and impulse buys...but I will say some impulse buys turned out to be amazing products!!

Ok, so back to the topic at hand some research on some products you are interested in and make a list... this will save you time, money and beauty purchase disappointments...

Tip 1.

Read reviews

See what people think before you take the plunge and while not every review might pertain to you (we all have different experiences, preferences and skin) you'll at least get a better picture of what to expect. Chances are that if most reviews say a moisturizing serum is too greasy, it probably is. ( is a great place to find reviews)

Tip 2.

Sample First

If the reviews haven't swayed you enough to buy or not to buy, see if you can sample first! Most beauty counters or department stores will give you a small sample if you ask. Try it for a few days and then make a decision. Keep in mind that not ALL products will work right away, but if you like it, buy it! This way you can avoid the whole return process altogether! Thank goodness! (And if you are crazy busy all the time like me, you do not have time for returns!!! In fact, it's a super rare occasion that a product gets returned by me...I have to basically HATE it to take the time to return it. Most of the time I just don't like it on me and so I put it in my kit for work and I use it on others and I love it!) **Another good way to try a product and not spend a lot of $ (If there is NO free sample) is to purchase the travel size version of the product, if it exists. This will give you multiple uses without spending a ton of money and if you don't like the product you aren't out a lot of $.

Tip 3.

Save Vs. Splurge

Knowing when you can save a few bucks on a similar product can really pad your pockets in the long run. There are definitely times when there's absolutely no comparison to the real deal, and that's ok! But sometimes, a $30 red lipstick can be swapped out for a fab drugstore buy and still do the trick!

Tip 4.

Look For Deals

Check for special store offers online that include a certain dollar amount off. Also, remember to price-check online and in the store-its's possible that the in-store sale is greater that what's offered online. Maybe another store that stocks up on your fave product sells it for less! This is where your search bar and more research comes in-even if you only save a few bucks each time, it'll really start to add up! Time is never wasted when saving money, am I right? **An awesome deal to look for every spring is The 21 Days of Beauty Sale at Ulta. This is a FABULOUS way to save money and try new (or new to you) products! The deals are one a day for 21 days in a row. Each day is a deal on a certain product or a few select products, they are always a phenomenal deal! But once they are gone, they are gone. Some offers will be in-store and online and some will be one or the other,so check for that.**

Tip 5.

Know What Works For YOU

You've got your beauty staples and while experimenting is always fun,don't get yourself caught up in buying a product that most likely isn't meant for your skin type or a shadow that isn't really your color just because others rave about it. Knowing what formulas and colors really work for you makes shopping a breeze. Otherwise, you might end up buying things you really don't need! And back in the return line we go...

So those are just some tips of mine, you may agree or disagree and that is 100% understandable! Do you have any tips to share with me? Comment below and let me know!! I always love learning new tips!

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