Nail care should be part and parcel of every woman's grooming routine for several reasons...

Professional Service

Most manicure services are performed by highly trained shouldn't have to worry about mishaps or over polished nails. In addition, it may take a longer time for you to fix a nail problem if you treat your own nails, thus leaving you less satisfied with the outcome. Since it's the responsibility of the professional nail technician to provide you with quality service that meets your satisfaction, you can be sure of walking out of the salon with beautifully shaped and polished nails.



Extra Pampering Services

Having your nails tended to at a salon provides you with the benefit of extra pampering services such as hand cleansing and moisturizing, which involves a gentle massage as well as shaping, trimming and buffing the nail beds to a smooth finish. Many salons have a relaxing environment that promotes total wellness. Therefore, you get more value for your money as salons ensure their customers are well taken care of.

Wide Range of Products

A well-equipped nail salon provides a wide array of manicure products for you to choose from, compared to the limited selection that you have at home. Because of the professional service it provides, the salon offers a wide range of nail polish colors with extras such as glitter or jeweled accents for that glamorous nail look.

Extensive Selection of Services

If you choose to get a nail treatment done in the salon, you can be assured of a range of services when combined with basic nail cleaning service. You can choose to have artificial nails done for you or opt for specific nail designs for a bold change.

What to look out for in a professional manicure salon?

In recent years, there has been anxiety about low-level hygiene practiced in nail salons. Concerns have been raised about reusing manicure tools for different customers resulting in nail infections. To curb the issue, nail salons are required to meet strict hygiene standards.

1. License

As specified by International Pedicure Association (IPA), most states require that licenses be prominently displayed in nail salons to assure customers that they meet hygiene standards. These licenses are also indicative of the nail technician's professionalism and awareness of proper hygiene procedures.

2. Overall salon cleanliness

The salon's interior often provides customers with a general idea of its hygiene standards. Check for signs of dirty linens or debris or even grimy or rusty manicure equipment.

3. Sterilized implements

Ensure that manicure tools used in the salon are sterilized. The IPA advises that salons should either soak their tools in a germicidal solution or use autoclave, an appliance that destroys germs with heat. Porous nail implements such as emery boards should be discarded after use to avoid the spread of bacteria.

*Professional nail treatment is a well deserved incentive that most women enjoy. While it's more economical to attend to nail treatment at home, women loathe to give up the benefits that nail salons offer. Choose your nail salon wisely and always keep yourself protected from bacterial infection by practicing standard hygiene procedures.*

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